We talk with LA based Makeup artist Michael Ashton who has been behind the signature eyeliner FLICK'  for singing legend Adele' for over 13 years @michaelashton

We talk with LA based Makeup artist Michael Ashton who has been behind the signature eyeliner FLICK' for singing legend Adele' for over 13 years @michaelashton


Q1 What has been the BEST LOCATION in the world you have travelled to for work, and what was it for? 

I have been fortunate to have been around the world several times with different clients and being from New Zealand have always loved traveling and experiencing different cultures. 

One of my all time favourite places would have to be Tokyo. It is so rich in culture and tradition but at the same time has an incredible vibrancy and energy of newness. 

Q2. What is the ONE tool or product you cannot live with out in your kit?

Eyeliner ! Having been personal make up artist and hair stylist to Adele for 13yrs now eyeliner is definitely a hero product in my kit. 

I’ve tried every formula there is and I am still searching for the perfect one ….. Watch this space. 

Q3.  Who would be the ONE person in the world you would love to work your magic on?

Julia Roberts. She has one of the most striking faces that just radiates natural beauty and I love that there is an iconic signature look you associate with her. 

Q4 What is your favourite KATKIT ROAD Pro Case in the range?

KATKIT ROAD / Brush Pouch. It is the perfect size and having the three separate compartments makes it so versatile as well as finding things when you need them super easy !

Q5. What is your daily routine & how are you keeping yourself occupied being in Isolation like the rest of the world? 

I always start the day by making the bed as soon as I wake up. It helps to give me a sense of routine and means I can already tick something of the ‘to do’ list. Then I make some coffee and spend an hour catching up on emails and planning for the day before getting outside to walk to dog and take in some sunshine. I’ll spend a few hours in the afternoon working on social media content and scheduling. Generally I try to make sure I wrap everything up by 4/5PM to FaceTime with friends before dinner and some tv. I’m currently loving ‘The Morning Show’ on Apple TV+ ! 

Q6.  when our current global situation is all over, what is the very first thing you will set out to do?

Travel. I am normally on a plane at least every two weeks so to be home in LA for this long feels very strange ! Can’t wait to a trip back to New Zealand to catch up family and friends once everything opens up again. 


Internationally renowned Make Up Artist Michael Ashton is defining a new generation of stylists making its mark in contemporary fashion, beauty and celebrity arenas. As personal Make-up and Hair Stylist to award-winning recording artist Adele for the past 13 years Ashton is at the forefront.


Hailed for creating the beauty look for which Adele has become globally known for is not the only aspect that positions Ashton as leader of a new beauty aesthetic. His creation of the modern beauty icon, a status as immortalized to Adele as her powerhouse voice, has won worldwide acclaim and remains a symbol of profound relevance to today's woman.


Ashton works with leading photographers such as Alasdair McLellan, Francesco Carrozzini and Rankin, artists whose creativity continually fuel his imagination. Such evolving imagination that is coupled with precision and attention to detail is what has made him so sought after. Whether it's producing looks for magazine editorials, music performances or collaborating with Hollywood actors for those red carpet moments, Ashton's artistry pushes the threshold of innovation and possibility.


Furthermore, Ashton's work has appeared in the globally revered pages of Marie Claire, Glamour, Vogue and Vanity Fair. He has shot campaigns for luxury brands Delvaux, Dior, Marc Jacobs, Moet & Chandon …. as well as an illustrious list of clients that includes Amber Heard, Bebe Rexha, Elle McPherson, Eva Herzigova, Hilary Swank, Keira Knightley, Penelope Cruz, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Chris Pratt, Garrett Hedlund, Jamie Dornan, Joaquin Phoenix and Zac Efron among others.





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