Chatting with the girl that seriously paints faces' @pinkiiieee ( Nicole Thompson) on what keeps her busy during Isolation' And the very first plan when this is all over'

Chatting with the girl that seriously paints faces' @pinkiiieee ( Nicole Thompson) on what keeps her busy during Isolation' And the very first plan when this is all over'

Q1 What has been the BEST LOCATION in the world you have travelled for work, and what was if for? 

Gah – One? Very hard. I am very fortunate and Makeup has taken me to weird and wonderful places around the world.

I have to give you 2! 

I worked with Cirque Du Soliel in Japan! This was life changing. I joined the incredible Makeup Team to help teach the makeup looks to the Performers so they could achieve it by themselves for in the Show ZED. The majority of the performers did not speak English – this showed me the power I had as an educator in Makeup beyond the words. 


Another location I have travelled to over the past 10years is Paris for Fashion Weeks. This city is one of the most inspiring cities I have visited as a tourist while also having the chance to be a part of the teams to create beauty looks backstage for some of the biggest brands and shows each season.


Q2 What is the one tool or product you cant live without in your kit? 


I use lipsticks more than I use blushes or eye shadows in my kit. You can use a Lipstick over all areas of the face in many different ways. And the colour? Well it should obviously be candy pink. ;-)


Q3 Who would be the ONE person in the world you would love to work your magic on? 

In terms of personal style, Katy Perry. I LOVE Big makeup, and I love her over the top hair and makeup looks. I love to show the power of makeup for a transformation!


Q4  What is your favourite KATKIT ROAD Pro Case in the range? 

I love the KATKIT Location bag, I love being able to see everything I need without digging around when I am in a hurry.

Mine has been on so many locations – she has seen better days! Haha


Q5  What is your daily routine and how are you keeping yourself occupied being in isolation like the rest of the world? 

I wear makeup every single day, that is me. Makes me feel so good! To feel human, I have kept this the same, doesn’t matter what I am up to. I will say though, I’ve never had such a dressed up face to do the Bay Run before! ;-)


My house is super organised now, and I couldn’t be happier. I have organised my makeup room and am half way through my kit, cleaning, sterilizing, re labelling and putting things in new bags and storage solutions. This is an ongoing job but I have loved this chance to do a big spring clean.

I am at home with two kids (4 and 5months) so I am yet to be bored that is for sure. I have really been enjoying this time with them, as usually I would also be working – while I would like to say I can do it all – the reality of doing that and being “present” in every area of your life is very difficult! So, the fact that work has come to such a halt, has almost been a blessing to enjoy and be more active in other areas!


Q6  When our current global situation is all over, What is the very first thing you will set out to do? 

Meet with my fellow creatives. I very much miss the face to face meetings of the minds!  I have had many ideas while away from the job so will be organizing meetings to get these projects off and running!



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