Catching up with Editorial makeup Artist Sarah Tammer @sarahtammer on all her favourite products, and what kept her busy in her time in Isolation.

Catching up with Editorial makeup Artist Sarah Tammer @sarahtammer on all her favourite products, and what kept her busy in her time in Isolation.

Q1 What has been the BEST LOCATION in the world you have travelled to for work, and what was it for? 

BEST LOCATION WOW!!! there have been SO many, back in the day we were very blessed to travel all over the world to shoot.

The first one that comes to mind is Santorini in The Greek Islands, it was my first main fashion trip with Marie Claire, Australia. It was SO EXCITING & breathtakingly beautiful and I was with one of my BEST friends and colleagues Jana Pokorny we laugh at how that's when we REALLY fell 'in LOVE' we stayed on and had a little holiday after the shoot to relax and enjoy the exquisite location. I have been working with Jana and Marie Claire magazine for over 20 years.

Q2 what is the ONE tool or product you cannot live with out in your kit?

 That is a very difficult question to answer, I can't imagine only being able to use one tool or product. I have 2 suitcases that are my basic kit and many extra cases and storage for all my other products and tools…

I think; is it my favourite Zen Facial moisturiser? or my Lepaar Lip Balm or Body Oil or my Luma Brow Gel or Just a Touch lIp and cheek Tint in Lady Luck??? Kosas Tinted Face Oil hmmmm and we haven't even gone into the hair department yet…. Kevin Murphy Staying Alive Leave in Treatment, Anti Gravity Spray, Bedroom Hair…. oh you said only one 


Q3 ho would be the ONE person in the world you would love to work your magic on?

Erykah Badu to me she is EVERYTHING!!! I LOVE her style, her vibe, her music, her essence, her face… 

Q4 What is your favourite KATKIT ROAD Pro Case in the range?

 This is tough one because they’re all so fabulous it's a toss up between KATKIT ROAD and KATKIT LOCATION Set bag. Both are EXCELLENT for different reasons.  

Q5 What is your daily routine & how are you keeping yourself occupied being in Isolation like the rest of the world? 

I start my day with my morning meditation I’m currently doing a 21 day online experience with Deepak Chopra & Oprah 

Brush my teeth scrape my tongue, wash my face with one of my all time favourites Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant tone and moisturise 

Then I inhale my Zen Facial Breathe Ezi essential oil blend - in a 'hot cuppa' this kills airborne bacteria and clears the sinuses, it smells great and enlivens my morning. Some mornings I do a dry skin brush. 

 Next I drink a cup of hot water and lemon…. then I make my delicious Green Smoothie, I have a coffee before PT or if I’m practicing yoga I have my coffee after, depending which day it is…

 Work on my online business, help my friend creating his new brand, watch shows chat to family and friends cleaning clearing decluttering tax and finances slat bathes walking….

Q6 when our current global situation is all over, what is the very first thing you will set out to do?

 Hug my son Jacob 

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